GCBlender is an XML merger, used to merge different instruments developped using GaugeComposer, into one big panel.

When building a cockpit with (some) simulated instrument, with help of Gauge Composer, it could be boring to take a long time, installed in it, to fix each instrument details. I like the idea of working on individual instrument, from my laptop, and make it run before including to the full cockpit. I use Gauge Composer version 2.5, and then feature of including other instrument to a global panel is not (yet?) implemented. Also, how to transfer work from my laptop, to my simulator, in a practical way…


  • Merge unlimeted number of instruments into one cockpit panel file
  • Take standard .xml or .igc Gauge Controller files in input
  • Works with Gauge Composer v2.5 files
  • Supports versionned files

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