uPanel is an avionic device for Flight Simulator 2004 and Flight Simulator X. It is an “All In One” remote command for radios, EFIS, MCP designed to work initially with the Boeing737, using FSUIPC. Code and hardware licence is General Public Licence.

The goal of the uPanel device is to provide quick access to functions that need to be clicked, for example, the MCP, radio frequencies setting or Gear lever and indicators.
It is based on OnePanel first experimentation and feedback.

Main evolutions are:

  • Based on Arduino popular and cheap boards
  • Easy to build
  • Connected over network

As OnePanel, uPanel is cheap, fully user configurable.


uPanel driver runs on Windows (tested on winXP SP3). It is written in Java, to be fast and easy to maintain. Access to Fligt Simulator variables is provided by an IOCP compatible server (SIOC from opencockpits.com for example) over the network.

  • Radio Tuning Unit allow radio frequency direct tune and EMIT/RECEIV selection,
  • Mode Control Panel allow Flight Management System functionnalities quick access,
  • Performances display gross weight, external temp and pressures.
  Saitek Pro Flight Multi Panel Saitek Pro Flight radio Panel VRInsight MPanel uPanel
Instruments and functionnalities
Real time indicators Yes Yes Yes Yes
Full autopilot Yes No Yes Yes
Auto throttle Yes No Yes Yes
Flaps Yes No Indicator No Indicator, text value
Trims Elevator only No Yes Yes
COM1,2 No Yes Yes Yes
NAV1,2 and DME No Yes Yes Yes
ADF1,2 No Only 1 ADF Yes Yes
XPDR No Yes Yes Yes
Landing gear control and indicator No No Yes No indicator, text value
OMI indicator No No Yes No
Performance manager No No No Yes
Aircraft integration
Support of FS liveries Yes Yes Yes Yes
Additional liveries Depends on provider support Depends on provider support Depends on provider support Yes, user configurable
How to add Aircraft Unknown Unknown Unknown by XML file, fully documented
API, source code No No No GPL licence
Support and price
FS supported version 2004, X 2004, X 2004, X 2004, X
Price 130 Euros 130 Euros 130 Euros 80 Euros (lot of recycled)


You can subscribe sourceforge RSS feed to have real time update on source code commits. Roadmap and releases content are managed by the bugtracker.

Building uPanel

uPanel is based on Arduino Leobardo board, and is plugged in USB port.

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