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Projects sources are hosted by Sourceforge and are available using SVN client.

MicroPanel checkout URL

svn checkout micropanel-code

GCBlender checkout URL

svn checkout gcblender-code

OnePanel checkout URL

svn checkout npanel-code

Development tools


Programming is done under Windows environment. I currently use the opensource IDE codelite, witch is sufficient for project need. It can be downloaded here :

You also need to install MinGw as compiler and linker, and optionally GDB as debugger.

In addition to SVN code, you need to install FSUIPC and inpout32 libraries (see user manual for download locations and links). You also need to download FSUIPC SDK, in order to integrate FSUIPC library and header files.


Unittesting is done by Unittest++ (built in CodeLite). Set TestNPanel as active project, and run tests. You should obtain the green bar… Unittests are minimalist, because the real test need several user-interraction.

Microchip MPLAB

Install MPLAB (download MPLAB)
Install Microchip C32 lite compiler (download C32Lite)

Download Microchip Application Libraries ( and uncompress it in c:\workspace directory

Open c:\workspace\upanel\USBfirmware\D32.mcw

Electronic schema design

You can edit schema files using ExpressPCB download ExpressPCB

Build code documentation

Doxygen is used. It has to be installed (in d:\Program Files in my example).

Configure CodeLite external tool:

  • Click “Plugin” menu, “external tools” and “Configure external tools”
  • Click “new” button
  • ID is “external_tool_0″
  • Name “doxygen”
  • Tool path “d:\Program Files\doxygen\bin\doxygen.exe”
  • Working directory is the directory where you put the SVN checkout
  • Arguments is the location of doxyfile (configuration file)

Build Installer

NSIS is used to package NPanel.
makensis.exe NPanel.nsi

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