25th, aug 1942 The Big Show

Pilot: Pierre Clostermann
Source: Le grand cirque (The Big Show), edition 2000, Pierre Clostermann, page 130


Mission Name:
Mission Date: 25th aug 1942
Aircrafts: spitfire
Sortie Objectives: Destruction of a train (armored tank) into Sommery railway tunnel
Route of flight: TKOFF: Biggin Hill
descent to West Le Tréport, follow Bresle valley,Aumale then heading 270° to Neufchâtel, left turn on rails to Forges, turn right to follow a new rails to Sommery
Altitude Assignement & Restrictions Hight altitude over see, ground level over ground. Antiaircraft defense over ground, and hard antiaircraft defense in oblective
Airspeed expected & Restrictions 300 Kts
Emergency/Alternate fields
Weather: drizzle

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