Reading Rotary Encoder

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The XOR logical table can help with reading and computing rotary encoder output.

Rotary encoder has 2 outputs, that returns a state, using “grey” code. When encoder turns un Clockwise(CW), outputs are 01,00,10,11 and Counter Clockwise(CCW) outputs are 01,11,10,00.

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Access Variables/Property tree in FS,FlightGear and XPlane

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How to talk with your simulator ?

Add-ons developper or cockpit builders have to access flight simulator variables, to mange or display them. If coding is not your cup of tea, you can use OpenCockpit software for example, a…

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UBW technical notes

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Today is a great day ! You just receive your UBW32 board from Sparkfun. Unfortunately, no documentation is provided…
No problem, having a look at schmalzhaus website will help us to discover this card.

Circuit footprint

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